Volunteer Opportunites

Giving time and talents is one of the most valuable contributions you can make in the fight against poverty and hunger with FOVC.

As a charity organization, FOVC is always on the lookout for volunteers to work for us from their home. There are many ways to volunteer – from grant proposal writing, blogging, website maintenance, to planning and executing fundraising events; advocating and also promoting our work in your community groups. We have plenty of volunteer opportunities that span all interests and time commitments. Your talents will be utilized to support the most vulnerable people in Ethiopia.

We would like you to join our growing team of talented and gifted people making passionate contributions of their time and talents to help us break the cycle of poverty in Southern Ethiopia? If you are interested in learning more about volunteering, please use the form below to contact our U.S.-based partner, Partners With Ethiopia. They are overseeing all U.S.-based volunteers. To learn more about our U.S.-based partner, go to www.partnerswithethiopia.org


Contact us to learn more about our Volunteer Opportunities!